From floor tiles to the world

Terrazzo is here to stay. This multicoloured material has been around since the 70s, starting as a wall covering and now stealing the show in interiors of all kinds.

Innate authenticity

Every Tella is a unique one-off, just like you. Made from terrazzo, each has its own unique composition, reminding us how nature and authenticity go hand in hand.

Terrazzo for your terrace

Now that it’s here to stay, let’s add terrazzo everywhere. It’s a versatile, resistant material that’ll bring colour to your home, from the hallway to your outdoor space.

About this product
  • Terrazzo table with galvanised steel legs.
  • Terrazzo tolerates moisture, UV rays, extreme temperatures, and also heats up much less than metal.
  • The galvanised steel structure is resistant to rust and corrosion, making it more durable than common steel.
  • Made with natural materials, so that each one is an exclusive, with its own tones and textures.
  • Suitable for interiors and covered outdoor spaces.