Luigina large terracotta plant pot with self-watering system, Ø 27 cm

A time-honoured material

Terracotta is the material of the moment. Used way before plastic was invented, this clay pottery is back to remind us how natural and sustainable our materials can be.

The colour of the moment

As well as the unique tones and textures from the material itself, terracotta has a vibrant natural colour that’s also a huge design trend. 100% natural

Give your plants the best

Terracotta takes the best care of your plants, it retains all the moisture they need and absorbs the excess without drying out. Who needs a gardener? Not you!

About this product
Terracotta plant pot with drainage and auto-watering system that keeps water, maintaining the moisture the plant needs.
Made with terracotta, a naturally porous material that absorbs excessive water, keeping only the water that the plant needs.
Resistant to weathering, UV rays, damp and rain, varying weather conditions, and extreme temperatures.
Suitable for use indoors, and 100% outdoors.
Available in a choice of sizes.