100% cotton (GOTS) sheet with blue stripes for Nahima moses basket

100% cotton (GOTS) sheet with pink dots for Nahima moses basket100% cotton (GOTS) sheet with blue stripes for Nahima moses basket
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Natural materials
Sustainable and natural

Choose natural and eco-friendly materials for your baby. Nahima is produced locally from 100% natural and sustainable organic cotton.

Perfectly clean

This cot sheet is machine washable, making it quick, easy and convenient to keep clean. Because babies give you enough to think about!

Two is better than one

While one sheet is in the wash, you can use the other one from this collection and introduce your baby to new colours.

About this product

This sheet fits the Leonela mini cot and is made from 100% organic cotton with an easy-dry waterproof finish to protect the mattress. Sweet dreams for your baby, care for the planet.