Tangram Style

Tangram Style


Figuring things out is all part of growing up, especially when there are different colours and textures to explore. A child’s bedroom can become their own special haven for developing new skills.

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Sweet dreams

Wallpaper is a great way to create a look that’s original and a bit different. Our Miris wallpaper is the clean and easy way to fill your little one’s bedroom with colours and shapes. It’s also washable and sustainable. Buy the units you need in one go to make sure the colour and pattern match perfectly.

To dream!

Surrounded by different shapes, colours and textures, their bedroom will be your little one’s favourite place to play and learn.


Upgrade their play area.

Learn through play

Fill their bed – and the whole room – with cushions. They’re great for relaxing on or for scattering on the floor as another element to play with. Mix and match shapes, colours and prints to make things even more lively and fun.

Create their play area


Shapes in full colour

The idea behind the Tangram Style collection is to encourage your little one’s learning, with the help of shapes, colours and textures, from the comfort of home. And what better way than playing and trying things for themselves! Let’s do this!

Embrace the trend

Where better for your little one to learn and grow than surrounded by shapes, colours and textures in a space like this?