Alessandra Oram (@absmo) is an architect, interior designer and also loves to teach yoga. Just arrived from Hong Kong and already installed in Barcelona, she will show us in the coming articles each of the rooms of her house. Let's go!

Hello Kave Home readers! Welcome to our home! My name is Alessandra and I’m very excited to start this series of articles that show you around me and Miklos’ new home in Barcelona! When thinking about which room to start off with, I couldn’t think of a better way to invite you into our lives than showing you the entrance foyer “recibidor” of our little home!

Warm welcome

The entrance hallway has been empty for a while now. And it wasn’t until we got into a daily routine, did we know which furniture items we would really need. I am an Architect / Interior Designer, who also loves to teach yoga! So when we bought this property we always had in mind to keep it open plan, allowing me to have my students to join my classes within a home studio setting. The entrance area is what greets them, and with the furniture pieces from Kave Home I am able to let them feel at ease with leaving their belongings at the door. A place for them to sit, take off their shoes for the yoga practice, and help themselves to a yoga mat. These simple and stylish pieces of furniture help me give such a welcoming message at the entrance.

On the road

Apart from needing the bench for the students, the entrance hall is also our typical Key Drop, Helmets & shoes off and charging station for my electric scooter! I am now 30 years old and still don’t know how to drive! So this little electric scooter has been my saviour in Barcelona and I absolutely love it! I am so happy to be using an electric vehicle daily and so happy to see it becoming more popular in Barcelona city. There are more and more bike lanes which makes it so safe and enjoyable to ride around.

Shoes off

Taking our shoes off at the door is something we did when living in Hong Kong for the last 7 years. The Hong Kong culture is to even leave yor shoes outside the front door before you enter the house, keeping the house and your floors clean. We got used to this I guess and love walking barefoot around the house!  Next month I’ll show you round another part of the flat! Until the next room!   Texto original: Alessandra Oram

March 15, 2022, 3:06 p.m.