The family woodhouse

The family woodhouse

This is the cabin in the forest where adventures are a given.

At home we share the living room, the dining room, the bedrooms and even the outside. Let's go super family!

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A real playground

Fun is more than guaranteed. An XXL sofa is an absolute must.

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Everyone together to eat

And with colourful accessories for babies. If your little one wants to take on the world, let nothing stop them! The Epiphany collection is designed to be their best friend on their culinary adventures. Of course, it's dishwasher and microwave safe. Enjoy with no worries!

Food time!

In this wooden cabin in the mountains, the kids' bedroom is divided into the play area and sleeping area.


Indoor spaces for adventures

The Darlyn tepee tent is a dream come true. Let their imaginations run wild, whether as a hideaway, a Wild West setting or a place to read and play. The best thing? It's sustainable and made of 100% cotton.




Bedroom in the woods

So the little ones can have fun, explore and make their dreams come true. The Carelene bed canopy is designed to add style and is made of cotton to ensure maximum comfort.The best thing? It's sustainable so the planet can also rest easy.

Time for bed!