This season, the city lovers will be the new influencers. Create your own hashtag with this design ideas. Get on board the (d)eco trend and enjoy this season from home.

Build your own urban garden

After a busy day, anything beats the feeling of enjoying the fresh air (and a good beer) in your balcony, terrace or eco garden. Choose plants and varieties of cactus that are easy to take care of, they will always look perfect. Mix and match them by size and display them with the concrete Merida or Kawanti plant pots to get the perfect urban vibes. Now, you just have to get comfortable with the Sari collection of tables and stools, ideal for small spaces.

For your Zen moments, pic oriental looking décor

Nobody knows how to “keep calm” like the Japanese. The oriental philosophy has always been focused on relaxing. To take care of your bonsais or practice the karesansui, the Jeanette side table and the Nina chairs will create the perfect environment. Listen to the water falling from your Zen fountain and let it flow.

Your VIP zone is eco friendly

Make your own eco space in your terrace or balcony. The Rodhe rugs won’t only level up your décor, they will go a step further and do it in a sustainable way. Combine them with the Simja sofa and tables, made with eucalyptus solid wood, FSC certificated to guarantee that its wood comes from sustainable forests. The Nedra cushions will give it the perfect pop of colour. You’ll want everlasting chill-out moments. So, keep enjoying your urban life and disconnect whenever you need it. Make the most of the sun and your home with the Lucien sun lounger and keep always in mind to drink enough water (from a glass bottle, never plastic ones!). The Nausica, Yida or Rori jugs will be an ideal eco-friendly alternative.

March 21, 2022, 4:37 p.m.