Empiezas abriendo la libreta y terminas con todo es el escritorio lleno de papeles, bolis y otras cosas que ni sabes ni como han llegado hasta ahí. Don’t worry, lo entendemos perfectamente, así que aquí tenemos todos los tips para poner orden a tu escritorio.


Step one: Tidiness

You’re probably well aware that a clean and tidy work space has a direct impact on your productivity and state of mind. It will help you find everything you need quickly and easily and reduce the stress of endless searching. So the first step is to clear the entire table and throw away or find a new home for anything you don’t actually need on there. Have no sympathy for anything in danger of invading your workspace, it’s the only way!


Step two: Everything in its place

Have a set place where you keep things and trust your logic. Keep everything you use frequently to hand, then organise the rest in terms of its importance. Classify different materials in drawers, baskets or organisers. Ensure that items you’re unlikely to use often aren’t unnecessarily taking up valuable desk space.

If the problem is more related to desk size, consider adding a small table. It will add to the style factor and become key to keeping things well organised. It may even come in useful for other areas in the house.

Another idea is to use a basket to store things you don’t want left out. You’ll have noticed how the trend for natural fibres in our homes is booming, so welcome them into your home office too. Use storage to add style with a versatile, classic option like this one.


Step three: Bring in a touch of chic

As a furniture victim, you’ll always be looking for ways to make a design statement. The obvious choice is an original and stylish desk lamp. If you’re short on space, the answer may be staring straight at you. A well-angled wall light will achieve the same function and add a touch of pro to your work space. Don’t forget to add a couple of photos to make you smile while you work – personal elements will make the space feel familiar and create a cosy finishing touch. You may want to bring nature into your work day with a small plant. Or jazz things up with an attractive mug for an original look.

Use the walls. You can place your binders, books and notebooks on shelves, which will also give a more modern look to your home office. Get creative with a notice board and some colourful notes or create a mural using pictures and photos. Inspire your mind! Propel your productivity to new heights with these style tips by the Kave team, and watch your imagination flow at your desk, studio or office.

March 17, 2022, 5:22 p.m.