Babies need their own uniquely designed space at home too. At last we’re home as a family! This is a new start where organisation will be key to making everything run smoothly. There is no better instruction manual than your own intuition and that is why Moses baskets and cots have been specially designed to help you and your baby. Yes you can!

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As soft as a cloud

Our Madina nursing cushion is the perfect for keeping you nice and comfortable during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is a 100% organic cotton and kilometre-zero product. An accessory that not only moulds perfectly to the body thanks to its different positions but is environmentally friendly too.

Accessories for baby and you

A range of soft colours and shapes have been combined with wonderfully plush textures to help your baby grow in a comfortable and relaxed environment. Discover the must-haves for their bedroom and don't miss the selection for mums-to-be. It’s here to make your life easier!

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Dreamy shades

Pastel colours offer a wide range of soft and relaxing shades such as beige, green, blue or pink. Add these colourful details using decorative accessories such as textiles.

Everything in order

We know how important it is to keep everything tidy, especially with children at home. Somehow toys multiply and get everywhere. A set of shelves and boxes will help keep everything under control.

Feb. 10, 2022, 11:22 a.m.