To liven up your home and make every day happier, you need some plant power. Here are 10 cool ways to add houseplants to your living room and embrace the natural life.


On top of furniture

Got a sideboard or a low cabinet with few decorations on top? We suggest a medium-sized plant in a minimalist planter. Or if your furniture is already fairly busy, try a couple of mini plants.


In the middle

Plants deserve the spotlight. Make the most of your coffee table by dedicating some space to plants. From the sofa, you’ll have the best view of your verdant friends.


The height of style

Tall plants really brighten up any room, especially if they have large leaves. They’ve got so much personality that you won’t need much else in the way of decoration. Put your plant in a corner or next to the sofa, then put another one on the opposite side to create a sense of symmetry.

Decorative vases

A vase is the key piece when it comes to creating a visual harmony with the space. They come in all styles and varieties and we love to combine different designs in one place. Don’t miss our post on modern vases and choose your favourite.


Original plant pots

Another extremely cool way to add some character to your living room is by adding an original plant pot. They come in all shapes and types. What about this wooden one?


Hanging on the walls

Your walls are full of potential space for hanging plants. Or put them in the middle of one of your shelves.


In glass urns

We love this idea for its originality and elegance: putting mini plants inside a glass urn. A decorative detail that looks gorgeous as well as very natural. In this case, we suggest using artificial plants to be sure that the enclosed space won’t affect them.



Wicker baskets can be used to store clothes, fabrics, cushions and accessories and now plants, too. You read that right! They’re a versatile, pretty accessory with endless uses. Choose this option if you want to create a relaxed, cosy atmosphere.


Perfect together

Matching planters give you a sleek look that never fails. In Scandinavian-style living rooms, where plain, natural colours are the order of the day, planters in a matching, neutral shade will make a stunning addition. Choose a suitable set and you can’t fail to achieve that polished Nordic look.

An indoor vertical garden

Don’t have a garden? No problem. You can grow one indoors, too. There’s a trick to creating an attractive, subtle look that doesn’t feel like stepping into jungle when you open the living room door. Use just one of the walls, placing a metal or wooden grid against it with some hooks for hanging your pots. And that’s it!

March 11, 2022, 3:26 p.m.